This page contains teacher resources.


G6 Post Assessment (PDF)

Grade 4 Burglar Alarm Rubric (PDF)


Elementary Robotics:  Sustaining the Natural Engineering Instincts of Children, by John Heffernan

Building Directions

Domabot Directions

Curriculum Documents

G2 Ride Challenge (PDF)

Tech Tips (PDF)

Teaching Tips (PDF)

Early Engineering Curriculum Complete Maps (PDF) Updated 5/23/2012

Grade 6 Curriculum Map – Curriculum Map (PDF), includes Open Ended Engineering Challenge, Updated 4/19/2012


Grade 5 Curriculum Map  – Curriculum Map (PDF)

Grade 4 Curriculum Map (PDF) – Open Ended Engineering Challenge

Grade 4 Curriculum Map  (PDF)

Grade 3 Curriculum Map   (PDF)

Grade 2 Curriculum Map – Curriculum Map (PDF) – Open Ended Engineering Challenge

Grade 2 Curriculum Map Curriculum Map (PDF)

Grade 1 Curriculum Map  – Curriculum Map (PDF)

Grade K Curriculum Map  – Curriculum Map (PDF) – Open Ended Engineering Challenge

Grade K Curriculum Map  – Curriculum Map (PDF) Updated 5/23/2012

Grade PK Curriculum Map  – Curriculum Map (PDF) Updated 5/23/2012

Elementary Engineering Curriculum Draft – Document (PDF)

Lego MA Standards – MA Standards Relating To Robotics (PDF)


PVRSD PD Slides (PDF) 3/22/2019 Elementary Engineering with Merredith Portsmore, Tufts CEEO

ISTE Webinar (Dissertation Research) (Video) 10/6/2018

Robotics In STEAM (PDF) – 6/5/2018 – Tufts CEEO 2018 STEM and Lego Engineering Conference, Medford, MA

Engineering is EGGciting Staff Training (PDF)  – 5/11/18

SeeSaw Intro PD (PDF)  – Staff Training – 5/1/2018

Keyboarding Without Tears – Staff Training – 3/5/2018 (PDF)

Empowering Kids to Create with Technology – STEAM, Maker, & Design (PDF) 1/10/2018

Key Factors in the Teaching of Engineering to Elementary and Middle School Students (PDF) – MASSCUE 2017 – Blue 24 – 1:30 PM

We Do Science (PDF) – MASSCUE 2017 – Red 68 – 11:30 AM

Dissertation Presentation General Audience (PDF) – AppleWood –  9/16/2017

Dissertation Presentation LEGO V2 (PDF)

  • LEGO Education Group, Billund, Denmark 8/16/2017
  • Boston, LEGO Education North America, 8/8/2017

Westhampton WeDo Science Training 5/3/2017

TIE Conference 1/18/2017

Dissertation Defense Presentation (PDF) 12/15/2016

Dissertation Presentation Short (PDF) for UMASS MSLT Meeting (12/8/2016)

East Longmeadow EV3 Training 10/21/2016

MASSCUE 10/20/2016

LEGO Engineering Conference 6/6/2016

CSTA Western MA  Meeting 2/23/2016

UMASS MSLT Presentation 2/16/2016

CES Tech Director’s Meeting 2/4/2016

MASSCUE – NGSS and Engineering  10/22/2015

East Longmeadow Robotics – 10/16/2015 – (PDF)

Scratch Workshop 2/28/2015

Sanderson Robotics Handouts  1/28/2015 (PDF)

NGSSTIE – NGSS and Teaching Engineering – TIE Conference – 1/15/2015 (PDF)

MASSCUE – Characterizing Elementary Engineering 10/23/2014 (PDF)

Hamp EV3 Robotics – 8/21/2014 – (PDF)

Hamp EV3 Handouts   – 8/21/2014 – (Zip)

Pilot Study Results Presentation – Denmark, August 1, 2014 (PDF)

Book Talk – Meekins Library – June 19, 2014 (PDF)

BeeBots Session 2 – Greenfield Early Learning Academy – June 16, 2014 (PDF)

STEMNet Presentation – PVSTEMNet – Feeding the Computer Science/IT Pipeline – Short and Long Range Solutions – Holyoke Community College, June 4, 2014

Adapting  Computer Science Problems for K-12 (PDF) – October 2013, January 2014

Math Enrichment (PDF)  – Hampshire Regional School District – August 2013

BeeBots (PDF) – Northampton Public Schools (PDF) –  August 2013

Hamp Robotics – Northampton Public Schools (PDF) –  August 2013

TIE Missing E (PDF) Presentation Slides 1/17/2013

WES School Committee 2012  (PDF) Presentation Slides 12/19/2012

MASCUE 2012 Robotics (PDF) Presentation Slides – Introduction to Elementary and Middle School Robotics – MASSCUE Conference Workshop – 10/25/2012

Presentation Slides (PDF) – University of Massachusetts, 10/17/2012

K-8 Robotics  – Williamsburg PTO – February 7, 2012 (PDF)

K12Robotics Conway Grammar School – Robotics Presentation (PDF)

K6 Robotics MassCUE – Why Teaching Engineering to Young Children? – MassCUE – October 27, 2011 (PDF)

K12RoboticsGrant – Grant Ideas (PDF)

K6Robotics – New Hingham Workshop – Presentation (PDF) – August 29, 2011

K12RoboticsBeeBots – Presentation Slides (PDF) – August 12, 2011

Rewards and Challenges of Designing an Early Engineering Curriculum – Presentation (PDF) – May 2011


Dissertation Files

Dissertation Proposal V18 for 6/5/2015 Meeting V1.8 (Word)

Dissertation Proposal Presentation 6/5/2015 (PDF)

Comps Final Presentation  Short (PDF) 12/2/2014 – This is the one I actually used.

Comps Final Presentation Long (PDF) 8/1/2014

Comprehensive Exam Paper  (11/05/2014)

Comprehensive Exam Proposal (Word)  5/1/2014

The bibliography is a general robotics education bibliography.

Robotics Bibilography (PDF)

Student Checklists, Worksheets, Surveys, Reflections

Counting In Other Bases (PDF)

4 Color Theorem Lesson Plan (PDF)

Bee Bot Estimation Workpaper  (PDF)

BeeBot Resources – (Zip)

BeeBot Resources READ ME – Document (PDF)

WeDoNXTResources – (Zip) – worksheets, surveys, reflections and other documents used in the PK-6 WeDo and NXT programs at Williamsburg Schools


WeDo.ini  – (Zip) –  replace this file in Users/Shared/Lego Creations/WeDo if your WeDo Activity Guide is greyed out

Teacher Shared Materials

Grade 3 Perimeter Lesson Using BeeBots

Other Not Robotics Related

Pong Scratch Directions (PDF)

All Materials Copyright 2012-2014 John Heffernan

8 Responses to Resources

  1. Peter Margolis says:

    Much needed. Much appreciated out here in the SF Bay Area.

    Question: Are you aware of any district tech folks out this way who are doing something on a district level to promote LEGO Robotics in the classroom?

    Thanks again.


    • JohnHeffernan says:

      Can’t think of anyway in the SF area but I can check my Tufts CEEO Symposium attendee lists for the last 2 years. Glad these will be helpful for you.

  2. Habib says:

    Thank you for your nice effort and this helful site. I’m a new robotics teacher, I’m preparing for the summer camp and I’m looking for many wedo activity based on both the wedo and nxt kit as the children needs to assembly a new robot every day
    Thank you for your help

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  4. Donna Hudgens says:

    My school is very interested in beginning engineering through robotics using legos. Your information is wonderful and sounds duable. I love the understanding explained of how it must be a progressive exploration from kindergarten up.
    I noticed LEGO WeDo doesn’t begin until 2nd grade in your curriculum and that BeeBots are used in K-1.
    I am not familiar with BeeBots. Where can I get information about them? What exactly is a BeeBot?

  5. Donna Hudgens says:

    I just found my BeeBot answers. I can see how they would be great to for the lower grades and they would definitely provide a background/fundational knowledge of robotics.

    • JohnHeffernan says:

      Glad you found the info on Beebots at Terrapin Logo. By the way, we do start WeDo in grade 1 (not 2) and use BeeBots for PK and K. Good luck. Let me know if you have other questions.

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