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Book Nearing Completion

I am in the (hopefully) final throes of producing my book Elementary Engineering:  Sustaining the Natural Engineering Instincts of Children.  I decided to self publish through  Going through large companies was taking to long.  I hope to have it … Continue reading

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Designing Ahead

How much young students can plan ahead is a hot topic in educational research (well, at least to me).  In discussing our recent designs, my son Aidan (age 7) volunteered that that he thinks about a design ahead of time … Continue reading

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4 Color Problem Case Study Results

I recently completed a exploratory research project that examined how learners respond to a difficult but motivating math problem.   I did a small case study, which compared adult math experts, advanced math students (one grade 1 and two grade 4), … Continue reading

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Calculating Velocity

I had a great team of 2 boys this week who were the first to build a LEGO NXT Dragster.  I usually instruct kids to build a 10 foot course and time the car.  Well, I noticed they were setting … Continue reading

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