John is available for workshops and consulting for robotics, educational technology, and enrichment mathematics.  With experience as an engineer, trainer, curriculum developer, and elementary classroom and elementary tech teacher, John brings a wealth of relevant and practical experience to teachers as well knowledge of research.

Rates are:

$800/day plus travel for professional development

$75/hour for consulting.

Summer, weekends, and after-school is best.  I have a very limited number of days in the school year where I can provide services.

Available Workshops

  • PK-K Robotics Using BeeBots
  • Elementary (Grades 1-4) Robotics Using LEGO WeDo
  • Upper Elementary and Middle School Robotics Using LEGO NXT or LEGO EV3
  • Scratch Programing
  • Multimedia and animation
  • EDLINE Teacher Web Pages
  • Enrichment mathematics

All robotics workshops come with detailed lessons plans for teachers.

2 Responses to Consulting

  1. Martha Lorantos says:

    Hi John,

    My son is in 6th grade at Sunderland Elementary and is interested in robotics, engineering, coding, etc. I came upon your site while looking for winter learning opportunities in the area. I’d love to get him into some kind of evening class, or after school group. Do you know of anything in the area, or anyone who’d be willing to lead such a group in Sunderland if I can wrestle up some other interested parents? Many thanks for ideas and direction if you have it.

    • JohnHeffernan says:

      My focus is on teaching kids during the day in my school and also training teachers. I know there have been some after school programs in Conway that may also be available there via OSTP. Might want to check Hilltown Families as well. In the summer, there are lots of programs, which can be found in Valley Kids. The hour of code is coming up too, which he can do on his own if his school is not doing it, check Scratch is also a free download from MIT with lots of good programing.

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