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Yearly Case Study Task

Would love some feedback on this… Case Study Yearly Task Research Questions 1. What are the developmental milestones in young children’s engineering skills? 2. How will the deliberate teaching of engineering at a young age affect subsequent interest in engineering? … Continue reading

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Grade 4 Burglar Alarm Poster

Students need to create poster to sell the burglar alarms they created in their Lego WeDo based open ended challenge. Here’s one example.

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Scalability of Lego Engineering for Elementary and Middle Schools

I’ve been wondering how scalable either my ELementary Engineering Curriculum or any other similar program would be in terms of cost per student. So if we assume 24 kids per class, kids working in pairs, teachers sharing the kits by … Continue reading

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Adventure Story

Airplane Adventure by Katie and Becca   Hi.  My name is Serena.  I wanted to go to France.  I got in my plane and started it up. [Narrator] When she got into the sky, a flock of birds flew in … Continue reading

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Sample Third Grade Amazing Adventure Story

Third graders wrote and acted out (with their robots) adventure stories.  Here’s a sample story.  I’ll post a video next of a different team. The Adventure of Max Toney by CW and AB Max Toney is ready for the summer. … Continue reading

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Cool Burglar Alarm

  Here was one cool burglar alarm from today.  There is a motion sensor to detect motion at the door.  The kids were challenged to use the tilt sensor too.  This team put some cams in front of the door.  … Continue reading

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Kid’s Understanding of Engineering Requirements

I had an interesting experience today in our fourth grade open ended engineering challenge.  The students have to build and market a burglar alarm using the Lego WeDo Robotics Kit and Resource Kit (extra parts).  One team had the tilt … Continue reading

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Case Study Art

Here some art work from one of the case study kids, R, who has a lot of interest in Legos and is also showing strengths in technology already in Kindergarten.  I liked this Impressionist piece of KidPix art.  The kids … Continue reading

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