Adventure Story

Airplane Adventure
Katie and Becca


Hi.  My name is Serena.  I wanted to go to France.  I got in my plane and started it up.

[Narrator] When she got into the sky, a flock of birds flew in her way.  She quickly dodged them.  Then she heard a bump, bump, bump.  It was her plane.

All of a sudden, she was on the ground.  She started to look for fuel.  Then she found some so she got some fuel put in her plane and started it up.  She was in the sky.

Then a big thunderstorm came.  There were buckets of rain and lots of lightning.  A big lightning bolt struck her plane band she fell to the ground and there she was, in France!  She was fine.  I wonder what will happen in her next flight.

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  1. paul saxby says:

    That was nice. Gives me some ideas for kids writing narratives for the new school year.
    Bundaberg, Q

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