Sample Third Grade Amazing Adventure Story

Third graders wrote and acted out (with their robots) adventure stories.  Here’s a sample story.  I’ll post a video next of a different team.

The Adventure of Max Toney by CW and AB

Max Toney is ready for the summer.
He’s 20. He wants to ride an airplane. He calls his parents and asks, “Am I allowed to ride an airplane?”
“Yes, of course!”
Then he said, ”Thanks, bye!”
“We love you!”
“Mom, dad, I’m not a baby. You embarrass me!” says Max.
“All right, well, say bye!”
“Thanks, bye!” Max hung up. He took his airplane in his back yard. He already had an airplane from college and took lessons to learn to fly it. He gets in the airplane and rides it. There are 20 airplanes in the air! He hits one, falls, and……. BOOM! goes the airplane! Then he  hits the parachute button and the parachute and the airplane go down slowly in the air. Max lands in the back of his parents’ yard! His parents come running out of the house and say, “ARE YOU OKAY?!”
“Yes, there’s a parachute!” They felt proud of him because he was prepared and he was proud of himself for every reason! His parents were so happy! He felt fine!
The End

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2 Responses to Sample Third Grade Amazing Adventure Story

  1. I’d love to see the video. I like that connection between the engineering and the creative writing. And at that age, they no doubt were engaged in the learning.

  2. A video will be published tomorrow, Kevin. Hope you enjoy it. I hope to write up a reflection on the project soon. I learned a lot.

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