Robotics Interview Questions

I settled in on these interview questions after some trial and error.

1)   What did you like about project(s) you did this year?  How could we change robotics so they could be even better?

2)   Make on observation about their experience this year and ask them to comment on it .

3)   What was it like to do robotics?  How is it different from other schoolwork?

4)   What was frustrating or challenging?

5)   What do you think you learned from the project?  I mentioned STEM but should have kept this more open ended.

6)   Do you have any advice for next year’s students that will do this project?

7)   Anything else we have not talked about?


After looking at the finished DVD yesterday of all the interviews, I wish I was a little faster keeping things goings.  I tended to skip around and then pause while seeing what questions I had not covered.  I was sometimes able to follow interesting side paths but may have missed some others.  I was not sure I was always to put the kids at ease.  Interviewing is definitely an art.  I was pleased with some of the materials.  I got some great insights and quotes from the kids.

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