Initial Impressions of Robotics Interviews

I started interviewing our robotics students yesterday.  Sixth graders were the first group to be interviewed.  I found it very valuable to take even a short time to talk to students about how they experience robotics.  It was interesting to hear how students validated many of the things we say about robotics education but in their own words.  So they said things like:  “I like to build things”, “We don’t usually get to build things in school”, “I like to use my hands,”  “We get to try it and see if it works.”  Other students articulated very clearly my approach, which I had never really considered that they would think about.  One student said it really worked for him that we started with simpler, more structured projects, and then had an open ended challenge.  Another student validated the whole tech program here that builds and builds starting from K and I found out she taken my Scratch lessons and done a lot at home. Can’t wait to do more interviews and also talk to the younger kids.  It’s so valuable to take even a short amount of time and see how they experience things.   I think they found it validating when I shared my observations of them and asked me to comment on them.



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