Robotics Interview Data

Here are some preliminary data from the robotics interviews I conducted this year.  I recorded responses when watching the video of the interviews and grouped the same or similar responses together.  There were lots of unique answers and I some of these were very interesting.  I will publish those next as the most notable quotes from the interviews.

What did you like about robotics?

24 Mentioned the project as fun

15 Got to build/hands on

8 Different than other school work/special/exciting

7 Liked the programming even though it was hard

5 Cool

4 It was satisfying/exciting getting things to work

2 Liked the trial and error

2 Had to learn to compromise, work together

2 Got to move around, not stay in seat

What was hard?

4 Being patient

2 Parts falling off

2 Programming

2 Programming sensors

What did you learn?

7 Programming

4 Math

3 Science/how things work

2 Technology

2 Engineering

2 Building

2 Distance = rate x time

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