What Do The Student Quotes Mean?

I received this analysis of the student robotics quotes from graduate student Lama Jaber.  I found it to be an excellent summary.  Here it is.


First, at an affective level, the robotic experience seems to be
triggering very good feelings, coming both from it being a fun
experience, an empowering and challenging experience, and an
opportunity to feel a  sense of achievement (I did it!) and ownership
which seems really rewarding to these kids, and finally as something
that is different from the rest of the school work (it is interesting
that this was pretty prevalent in kids’ responses)

Second, on an epistemological sense in terms of how one gets to know
something or gets to learn in robotics, their experiences seem to
promote a view of learning as figuring things out, relying on one’s
efforts rather than on an outside authority (book, or teacher…),
integrating skills and knowledge from various domains such as math
science, and writing (though this was maybe mentioned only twice, I
found it pretty powerful!), also an appreciation of persistence and
failure as a central and desirable aspect of learning: failure as an
opportunity for a new way of thinking and opening up to new

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