Taxonomy of Robotics Skills

I have been thinking about a how robotics skills intersect. This Venn diagram show my first stab at a taxonomy of robotics skills and how engineering, programming, and building intersect in educational robotics. This still needs work but I would welcome any comments and feedback.Robotics Skills

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  1. posted to LEGO Community :-

    This is terrific and thank you for sharing.

    Within the STEM paradigm I see a lot of cross-over between Science and Engineering. In your taxonomy I wonder if gears, levers, etc. would be considered ‘engineering’ ? If so, what ‘science’ can be undertaken in robotics when using LEGO EV3 and NXT? My initial thoughts are simulations where robots play a role and allow students to collect data of some kind.

    We are working on a taxonomy in our project but with a focus on ‘student learning’ and how to correlate with a robot task, We have a term called Task Fidelity. There is a free article online at IEEE at

    Task Fidelity: a new metric for measuring task complexity involving robots, 22-25
    Michael Vallance, Takafumi Yamamoto, Yuta Goto, and Kenta Ibayashi

    If you are interested in more information please get in touch, and visit our website.

    Michael (in Japan)

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