SimCity 2000 Tips For Kids

  • Build blocks of 6 by 6 squares in each one.  Make the roads go with the squares.
  • Put your first power plant near a neighbor.
  • Power lines will only go straight across a road and won’t go across a double road.
  • Only build extra things (police, parks, schools, hospitals, stadiums) if your Sims ask for them, especially at the beginning.
  • Always save $5000 for a new power plant if using coal plants.
  • Drop your budget for police, schools, fire, and hospitals to 25% and raise gradually as you get more money.
  • Keep the tax rate between 5 and 8%.  Lower it if people start moving out.
  • Run the game at a faster speed to earn money.
  • Make sure you have power to each block.
  • Pipes only need to run through each block, not each square.
  • Don’t build trains or highways.
  • If you can afford it, build one connection to each neighbor.
  • If you make hydro dams, only put water on the mountain.  Make each mountainside flat.
  • As you build and grow and have your police, fire, etc at 100%, add new police, fire, schools, libraries to new areas.
  • Use bus stations as soon as they are available to reduce traffic and pollution.
  • Use the Clean Air ordinance to reduce pollution.
  • Always put water pumps next to water.  Use a few water towers to help with dry spells.
  • Zoom in when you need better.  Use the turn tools when you need to see better.
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