Survey Results for Grade 6 Class

Here is some data from a grade 6 class I just finished working with.  They were new to robotics.  The pre/post survey asked 2 quantitative questions.

Q1 – I like using computers and other technology. 

Strongly Agree          Agree          Neither Agree or Disagree        Disagree        Strongly Disagree

Q2 – I would consider being engineer when I am older.

Strongly Agree          Agree          Neither Agree or Disagree        Disagree        Strongly Disagree

Here are 2 graphs showing the results.

Q1 Results Q2

There was not much of an effect for Q1.  Students’ views of using technology did not change significantly.   Q2 showed a marked positive change in whether or not students would consider a career in engineering.  Looking at individuals, some students went the other way too, which I now think is expected as some students find the engineering design process not for them.


I am just learning SPSS so I will post the statistics in the future.  The qualitative data was also interesting.  I’ll also report on that later as well.

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