Robotics Starts!

I had my first robotics class last week.  In order to get every grade level done, I need to start in September.  I am starting with grade 4 (2 sections) this year.  The kids were very eager to get going.  This class has been doing robotics since grade 1.  They were super fast at assembling the “Goal Kicker” WeDo robot and the teacher was in meeting so I gave them a choice or read, draw, or make something with the extra parts.  They all choose the latter.  I still had time so I had them write about their experience and/or any burglar alarm ideas they had for the grade 4 challenge in their journal.  Some students went to creative ideas that were more in the realm of creative play (not buildable) while other drew and wrote about how they would use sensors.  I will try and scan some journal entries to see what I mean.

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