iPad versus Computer

I initially saw the iPad as handy way to consume content without having the bulk and  “long” startup times of my laptop.  So I mostly used it to consume content:  check but not write email, check Facebook, web sites, etc.  However, watching my 5 year old son use it, I am now wondering if it is more than that.  What I have seen is that he effortlessly can navigate the iPad and iPad apps without even being able to read.  Is it very intuitive?  Does the direct physically of the touch screen make it very easy to use?  Do young kids have much better memories so that he can easily remember what to “click”?

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  1. KevinHodgson says:

    My hope with all tech is that kids move from being just consumers, to being creators, John. I think the touch-screen format of the iPad and its clones makes that more of a possibility. Now we need more teachers to start moving away from computers as a place to gather resources, and more of a place to create resources.
    PS — glad I finally found your blog!

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