PHD – Bit of a Break

I passed my dissertation proposal defense in June.  The proposal consisted of the first 4 chapters of my dissertation.  These are Problem Statement, Literature Review, Theoretical Frameworks, and Methodology.  These chapters may have to change a bit depending of what I find in the actual research but will very likely be mostly done.

I was hoping to start filming at the end of the school year but the IRB approval (which was quick) only left me a week at the very busy end of school year.  So I taped 4 kids doing the warm-up task but am going to defer the main filming until next year.  Because my sixth graders graduated, I will do my normal robotics units with my sixth and second grade classes first thing next school year and film 6 of each grade in the October/November timeframe.

That gives me a bit of a break until then, which is nice.  I am have been pushing myself very hard the last 3 years and moving very fast so a little rest was needed.  I have a few books to read and I will analyze my warm-up tasks after I finish  robotics curriculum consulting job this summer but the change of pace is very much appreciated.  I won’t have a strict deadline either to finish the disseration but I am shooting for fall 2016.  That will give me 3 semesters to film, analyze, and write.

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