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Introduction to JavaScript Lesson

 What is JavaScript and why is it useful? Static versus dynamic HTML Static – always the same Dynamic – can change depending on user actions and input, create games JS runs in the browser – is interpreted Full programming language … Continue reading

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EV3 iPad App

LEGO Education has released a free iPad app for EV3. I was fortunate to be able to do some curriculum consulting work on this project.  

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Review of Elementary Robotics

My book got a nice review on

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The Power of Wireless Projector Connection

This is a real incident from a  study I just completed that compared teacher use of technology with and without wireless projection systems.  I found that these systems changed the spatial arrangements in the classroom as well as the reach … Continue reading

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Space Challenge Ready To Go

My enrichment students have finished building all the LEGO EV3 Space Challenge pieces and are ready to take on the challenge missions!

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I want to plot kid’s engineering design process cycles but don’t know how to get EXCEL to combine events of the same type on the same line.  For the example below, I want the 2 PLAN events to be on … Continue reading

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Elementary Robotics Book Talk – June 19, 2014 – Meekins Library, Williamsburg

Author’s Talk John Heffernan Elementary Robotics: Sustaining the Natural Engineering Instincts of Children Thursday, June 19, 2014 7 PM to 8 PM 2 Williams Street, Williamsburg, MA 01341 413-268-7472 Toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners are natural engineers. They love sand castles, … Continue reading

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Burglar Alarm Trap

Here’s a recent grade 4 burglar alarm model. The burglar is detected by a motion sensor, a trap is lowered, and the police arrest the burglar.

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Hack Issue Fixed

The spam issue when posts on this site were accessed by RSS readers has been fixed. Google is still marking the site as being possibly compromised.  That should be addressed soon. My WordPress site hosted by  was hit with … Continue reading

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Sample Lesson Plan – Grade 2 Robotic Amusement Park Ride Challenge

I am in the process of finishing my Elementary Engineering with Robotics book.  I am now finishing all the lesson plans.  Here is a sample lesson that will be in the book.  Note that the standards alignment will be in … Continue reading

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