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11/27/2010 Patriot earned his Rally Excellent title with a 4th place. Wyatt earned first in Rally Excellent B. Patriot’s son Dash earned his second major and now has 11 points.

10/31/2010 Wyatt and Patriot had a great weekend doing NADAC agility. We had a slow start Saturday with the boys at Play-Bow NADAC agility in New Paltz but rocked the end of the day with 5 straight qualifying runs in Jumpers, Hoopers, and Tunnelers, all firsts except 1 second. On Sunday, we had another great day with Wyatt and Patriot. Wyatt and I were one of 2 qualifying runs in Elite Chances and earned our 5th Elite Chances Q. 8 more to go for the MEDAL. Wyatt also had the fastest Tunnelers time of all dogs in Elite Tunnelers and qualified in Weavers. He had an awesome weekend. So much fun to run this dog. What a blessing! Photos

7/15/2010 Wyatt finished his NATCH requirements in regular and also earned his Elite Hoopers title. Photos

6/20/2010 Wyatt earned his NADAC Elite Jumpers Superior title.

2/15/2009 Patriot earned a Hit in Trial at an all breed obedience trial.

10/18/2009 Wyatt earned his NADAC Elite Chances title. Photos

CPE Nationals Article and Photo

John and Wyatt in the Greenfield Recorder competing at the CPE Nationals. Headline is Can-Do Canines. Text is Above: Wyatt the Whippet jumps through the tire obstacle at the end of his agilityrun followed by his owner, John Heffernan of Conway, on Friday afternoon at the Franklin County Fairgrounds. The national competition continues on Saturday and Sunday and is free to the public.

April 2009 Photos from the AWC National Specialty

AWC National 2009


4th Place Triathlon

5th place triathlon conformation

4th place Novice B obedience – 30+ dogs, score of 192.5

4th place Versatlity Competition

2nd place Versatility Conformation

2nd place Brace

Rally Advanced – 96 and a Q

Open Std Agilty – 1st and a Q

High score – non-regular class with agility title

High score – regular obedience class with LC title

High score champion in a regular obedience class

High score – non-regular obedience class with agility title

Champion Award of Versatility Excellent


2nd – Rally Advanced B, score of 99

Rally Excellent B – Q and a score of 96

2nd Brace

1st Novice Preferred Fast Agility

Q – Novice Preferred JWW 3rd Place

Q – Novice Preferred Standard 3rd Place

High score – non-regular obedience class with agility title

Parade of Rescues

Parade of Honors – #1 NADAC agility whippet 2009

Wyatt earns RAE title

Above: Wyatt and John earn their AKC Rally Advanced Excellent title – March 2008. Wyatt became the 6th whippet ever to earn the Rally Advanced Excellent title. 3/16/2008

March 14, 2009

Patriot and I earned a 2nd place with a score of 190 in a large Novice B class of 20-30 dogs. Patriot also earned highest scoring dog with an LC title. Win Photo

Wyatt and I are still trying for out first CDX leg. We are having some fine runs but just missing one little thing. Seems like he is spacing our briefly and missing the initial command. This time, it was on the retrieve on flat, something he has never done before! Click here for a video.

Design of Multisport Dog Competitions (PDF)

Agility Video – NADAC Jumpers and Hoopers – June 4, 2008

Agility Video – NADAC Tunnelers and Jumpers – May 4, 2008

Winter 2008 Photos – Dogs, Aidan, John, and Dawn

Wyatt and Patriot Rally Video – Wyatt got a 99 and a 97 at this trial.

Aidan and Dog Photos

Wyatt Earns His C-ATCH (Story)

Wyatt earns his C-ATCH (Photo)

Wyatt Snooker Run (YouTube Video)

Wyatt CPE Jumpers Run (YouTube Video)

Debunking the Dominance Myth (PDF)

NEWC Meet and other Casuals – July/August 2007

CPE National Agility Photos – From Nova Scotia – July 2007

June Baby and Dog Photos – Some photos of Aidan and the dogs playing outside.

Wyatt NADAC Elite Regular Run – May 7, 2007. Wyatt qualified and got second place but, best of all, seemed to have recovered from his back injury.

Patriot and Puppies – some photos of Patriot and his get Major, Willow, and Dash at one year old.

Wyatt Rally Video – Here is a video of Wyatt doing rally. He earned his RE recently and is going for his RAE. In Springfield in April, he earned 2 double Q’s scoring 93, 94, 96, and 97 with one fourth place. Nice going, Wyatt.

Patriot Earns His Agility Championship On February 5, Patriot earned his CPE agility championship. Dawn and Patriot worked for many years on this, forming a close and motivated team. Patriot earned about 90 qualifying runs, placing in most of them, to earn his championship.

Aidan Photos with some of Patriot and Aidan

Patriot and Dawn Agility Video

Wyatt and John Agility Video

Big E Photos – Sunday

Big E Photos – Saturday

Puppy Photos – 6 Months

Coursing and Wyatt/Aidan Photos


Puppy Photos – 9 Weeks Old – Slippers x Patriot

Puppy Photos – 4 Weeks Old – Slippers x Patriot

AWC National Photos

Puppy Photos – 1 week old – Slippers x Patriot

NADAC Agility Photos

AWC National Photos

Puppy Photos – 1 week old – Slippers x Patriot

NADAC Agility Photos

April 25, 2006

Patriot Wins Triathlon and 3 New Titles

Patriot wins the American Whippet Club National Specialty Triathlon coming in first place over 21 other dogs. Dogs competed in lure coursing, agility, obedience, and conformation. Patriot also earned his CD, OA, and OAJ titles.

April 16, 2006

Wyatt completed his CPE level 3 title with a first place, clean standard run. Patriot completed his CPE level 4 strategy title. Also, Slippers appears to be pregnant so Patriot is going to be a father. Click here for more info.

March 28, 2006

Wyatt and Patriot have been competing in agility and obedience. They both now have 2 legs towards their CD. Patriot received 2 legs recently including a third place. Wyatt received one leg and a third place with an amazing performance and a score of 190.5! They are working steadily towards their CPE CATCH titles. Patriot recieved his novice regular NADAC title and Wyatt received his novice jumpers NADAC title.

January 21-22, 2006. Manchester, NH. CPE Agility Trial.

Wyatt received 5 (of a possible 7) qualifying runs including 1 first and 4 fourths. We completed his level 5 fun games title (fullhouse and jumpers) and recieved his first level C (champion) qualifying run. He had a super weekend with a big improvement on his contacts. Patriot received 5 (of a possible 7) qualifying runs including a first and a third.

January, 2006. Patriot ended up the year 36th nationally in AKC conformation. We are very proud of his standing especially since he was spending most of his time doing agility, obedience, coursing, and racing.

Wyatt jumping

2005 News Archive

Wyatt and Patriot snuggled in the sun

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  1. Deborah Cooper Roberts says:

    My friend Dianne Reimer suggested I get in touch with you regarding the best way to introduce a 2.5 yr whippet of her breeding to lure coursing. I’ve only had her a month, and she is on a sharp learning curve as we live in the ‘city’ of Rochester NY. Cars, dumptrucks, construction sites and people sharing ‘her’ sidewalk were all big issues when we first brought her home. She’s walked 2.5 miles+ every day, she loves that. She is the most athletic dog I’ve ever had-very developed powerful hindquarters, ripped chest and shoulder musculature without bulk, etc. She has every possible physical advantage. She’s come out of her shell little by little;today on our walk a squirrel had the audacity to cross her path; she sprung 3 feet into the air just by twitching some muscles…did a 360 in the air, (this is all on leash mind you) and ‘wanted’ that squirrel! She has yet to want the rag at the end of the lunge whip, no matter how fast I run with it dragging and popping it! This is not my first rodeo with a whippet or coursing…I need suggestions please….either email(above) or phone which is 585-563-6562.

    • John Heffernan says:

      If she does not go for the lunge whip, I would get an actual racing lure with a squeaker and try that. The other thing would be to go to a practice and try her on the plastic bags. Hope that helps…

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