Whippet C-ATCH Wyatt of Dodge City, AV, CD, RAE, SC, NA, NAJ, ECC, S-EJS, EAC, TG-E, S-TN-E, TNSE-300, WV-E, HP-E, NADAC 1000 Lifetime Points, CGC “Wyatt”

Whippet AWC Triathlon Winner HIT C-ATCH Ch Seaspell’s Concord Point, CAVX, CD, SC, OA, OAJ, RE, CRX, OTR, OCC, S-OJC, EJS, O-OAC, TG-O, S-TN-O, WV-O, HP-N, OJC-200, TNO-200,  CGC “Patriot”

Title Key

Ch – AKC Bench (Conformance Champion)

JC – AKC Junior Courser

SC – AKC Senior Courser

RN – AKC Rally Novice

RA – AKC Rally Advanced

RE – AKC Rally Excellent

RAE = AKC Rally Advanced Excellent

NA – AKC Novice Agility

NAJ – AKC Novice Agility Jumpers

OA = AKC Open Agility

OAJ = AKC Open Agility Jumpers

CD – AKC Companion Dog (Novice Obedieance)

CGC – AKC Canine Good Citizen

AV – American Whippet Club Award of Versatility

CAV – American Whippet Club Champion Award of Versatility

CAVX – American Whippet Club Champion Award of Versatility Excellent

C-ATCH – CPE Agility Champion

CLn – CPE level n – met all requirements (all 4 titles below earned)

CLn-R – CPE Agility Regular, Level n

CLn-H – CPE Agility Handler Games, Level n

CLn-S – CPE Agility Strategy Games, Level n

CLn-F – CPE Agility Fun Games, Level n

CR – Whippet Racing Association Companion Racer

CRX – Whippet Racing Association Companion Racer Excellent

OTR – NOTRA Oval Track Racer

NJC – NADAC – Novice Jumper Agility

OJC – NADAC – Open Jumper Agility

EJC – NADAC – Elite Jumper Agility

O-EJC – NADAC – Elite Jumper Agility Outstanding

S-EJC – NADAC – Elite Jumper Agility Superior

S-EJS – NADAC – Elite Jumper Agility Superior

EJS- NADAC Elite Jumper Agility – Skilled

NGC – NADAC – Novice Gambers Agility

OCC – NADAC – Open Chances Agility

ECC – NADAC – Elite Chances Agility

NAC – NADAC Novice Regular (Standard) Agility

OAC – NADAC Open Regular (Standard) Agility

EAC – NADAC Elite Regular (Standard) Agility

TG-N – NADAC Novice Touch and Go Agility

TN-N – NADAC Novice Tunnellers Agility

TN-O – NADAC Open Tunnellers Agility

S-TN-O NADAC Open Tunnellers Agility Superior

TN-E – NADAC Elite Tunnellers Agility

O-TN-E – NADAC Elite Tunnellers Agility Outstanding

WV-N NADAC Novice Weavers Agility

WV-O NADAC Open Weavers Agility

WV-E NADAC Elite Weavers Agility

HP-N NADAC Novice Hoopers Agility

HP-O NADAC Open Hoopers Agility

HP-E NADAC Elite Hoopers Agility

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