Cat Update (December 2010)

We ended up giving Little Bear to Dawn’s mother some time ago because Little Bear was marking.  An animal behaviorist thought that it was because Amara and Little Bear were not getting along.  Dawn’s mother enjoyed and cared for Little Bear for many years until be died of cancer at a fairly early age.

Little Bear Antics (August 2000)

December 16, 1999

Little Bear keeps growing and growing. He is still a rascal but cute
as ever.

October 25, 1999

Little Bear has been growing up quickly (at least in terms of size.)
He has some interesting new hobbies. One is chasing balls of paper. When
he hears the sounds of paper being scrunched up, he gets excited and tries
to jump up and get it out of your hand. He loves to chase them. He will
fetch them about 50% of the time. For some reason, he will also put them
in wastebaskets. That is good because another one of his new hobbies is
dumping over wastebaskets and playing with all the contents.

In these two pictures, Little Bear is getting a paper ball out of his

Little Bear fetching a paper ball after I threw it.

Little Bear has also become fascinated by the toilet. He comes running
over when you flush it and he watches the flushing process with great

We could not get a picture of Little Bear’s other new hobby which is
helping us work when we are on the computer. He likes to watch the cursor
move and he tries to catch it by swatting at the screen. This can make
working somewhat difficult!

Here is a picture of Little Bear in his favorite spot to bounce on unsuspecting
by passers.

Amara is still sleek and cool and above it all.

September 1999

Dawn and I have two cats. Little Bear is a kitten. He is fearless, cuddly,
and very playful. He likes to play, sleep, and do sneak attacks on Amara,
our other cat. In this photo, Little Bear is taking a respite from harassing

Here is a picture of Dawn and Little Bear. In this picture, Little Bear
is 8 weeks old and weighs two pounds. He is now 12 weeks old and 4 pounds

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