Microbiome Diet

Having had lots of difficulty reducing my weight on changing diet and exercise on my own, I have been trying one of the microbiome diet books inspired by friend Beckie. The pounds started coming off right away and I seem to have settled in at around -20 from my start weight, about 10 more than I weighed in my 20’s when I was running marathons and could eat anything. Feels great – everything feel easier especially running, lost 3 inches on waistline and had to buy new pants and underwear. It’s quite a bit of work but worth it I think. I am sure it’s good to eat microbiome friendly foods but I would guess the weight loss is mostly from cutting down on carbs, fat, sugars, and fatty meat. Lots of tasty plant based recipes.


The Microbiome Diet Plan: Six Weeks to Lose Weight and Improve Your Gut Health


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