Next Goal for Wyatt?

I am not sure of my next goal for me and Wyatt in agility, if any.

We will be doing probably one day of NADAC a month.  He is 11 1/2 years old.  We need 7 elite weavers Qs to get our V-NATCH but these have been few and far between.  He seems to get very frustrated with Elite Weavers with all the sets of 12 weave poles right after the fast tunnels.  Either that or I am doing something wrong.  I moved him down to Novice (3 sets of 6 and he did great).  We would need 13 more Elite Chances Qs for a NATCH-2.  Both of these goals would be tough at our current rate of competing.  I guess I will just enjoy competing with him and see what happens, with the addition of practicing more weave poles and tunnels and continuing to work on distance at home.

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  1. Wendy Segnalla says:

    Hi John,
    Happy new year. Do you still have Patriot? Willow is now 7.5 years and doing very well. I love her more than ever. I found a wonderful place to take her to run and socialize. She loves the freedom, and watching her in full-tilt motion still takes my breath away! When I am ready for a new Whippet I think I’ll make it two! Send my best to Dawn and Aiden. It Looks as though you may have added a brother or sister? Please note my new email address.
    Best regards,
    Wendy & Willow

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