What Makes A Great Agility Run?

I have been noticing that when you are in the midst of a great agility run, the biggest difference is that there is more time and space. What I mean by that is that you don’t feel overly rushed and your sense of space is large, you don’t feel cramped and you can see both the individual obstacles and the whole course. On the hand, when things go wrong, you feel rushed for time, you feel that you can’t attend to everything (dog, you, course, your plan) all at once, and you feel cramped for space. I really don’t know why this is. Part of it seems to be chance but there does seem to be a relaxation factor.

What do you think?

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0 Responses to What Makes A Great Agility Run?

  1. Brenna says:

    I think it has to do with the nebulous concept of being “in the zone.”

  2. John Heffernan says:

    I wish I knew more about what that meant and how to get and stay there. Good topic!

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