Obedience Results

I was very happy with Patriot’s performance in Obedience Open A Saturday.  His heeling was great.  He did every sit and stayed with me well.  We lost a total of 7 points.  He drop on recall was excellent too and he dropped faster than usual. We only lost 1 point.  I had a bad throw – too close – for the Retrieve on Flat.  My next throw went way far into a corner and Patriot did not go get it.  I should have broken his sit and set him up again and, of course, not thrown it so far.  He did his retrieve over jump and also, his broad jump, losing only a point or so on each.  He was walking the broad jump at trials, so that was great new.  He did go down on his sit but did the down.  We were working on a 189.  All in all, I am encouraged.  Will continue to work on the long sit and the retrieves, especially retrieve on flat.


Wyatt was very nervous Saturday with a very tall male judge.  However, he did do his recall, which typically is what we NQ on.  He also did his novice sits and stays.  Not sure I am going to continue to trial him, maybe just for fun.

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