Spirit Ride

I had an interesting dream recently.  I was taking part in a Native American dance that I sometimes  attend.  Spirit took me up into the air and started taking me to different places as if I was being held by an invisible hand.  At first, I felt physically tense and also worried about where I was being taken. Then I decided to let go physically and mentally and just trust.  I felt my body relax into a wonderful, totally relaxed state.  Then Spirit took me to many beautiful places.

I have had some worries lately with both the situation in Japan, the political situation in the United States (especially seeming attempts to further weaken the lives and rights of average people), and some local job changes at our school.  I interpret this dream as saying to continue my work, continue standing up for what I believe is right, for my vision for my life but to also deeply trust Spirit, who is ultimately guiding this ride.

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