Talking About the Spirit World With Kids

Aidan and I had a great discussion about the Spirit World last night.  We were watching Brother Bear, a kid’s movie I really like.  It is very true to Native American spirituality, as I have been taught by the elders.  There a a couple of deaths, like all good kid’s movies!  This is a subject Aidan wants to discuss when it comes up.  I felt very comfortable talking about the spirit world and crossing over when time comes.  We also talked about how you can connect with the Spirit World when you are still alive through prayer.  In the movie, the older brother, who gives up his life to save his brothers, guides his brothers in the form of an eagle.  So we also discussed totem animals.

Aidan and I have discussed these before but I felt the most comfortable talking about them last night.  I think that discussing them in the context that makes most sense to me really helped.  It inspired me to do more simple ceremonies with him such as smudging and praying.  I had a nice drive to the agility trial today.  The veil to the Spirit World felt thin and the world was beautiful even with the subject of death and dying close by.

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